Samantha Telford


AKA Sam or Sammy.

Twenty-something. 5'5". 125 lbs. Light brown hair. Grey-green eyes.

Member of the Assassins' Guild. Specialises in jobs at locations with high law-levels where traditional weapons (guns, knives, etc.) would be difficult if not impossible to obtain/use. Skilled in unarmed combat, as well as poisons and antidotes. Successful enough to be very particular about which jobs she takes, and for whom.

Attractive, female, well-educated, comfortable in corporate or upper level social settings - all very useful tools for some one in Samantha's line of work, and she does not hesitate to use anything that would give her an advantage. She comes across as cool, self-possessed, efficient, and controlled.

On the other hand, Samantha hates telepaths, thanks to a run-in with an ISA teep named Hamoudi, on Regina looking for a lost item. She resisted him (instinctively), he took exception and went well beyond looking for the information (which she didn't have), assaulting her psionically. Mr. Hamoudi later met with an untimely demise after annoying a very big, angry man (CRI), purely by accident. However, since then Samantha has been overly sensitive to psionics.

Apparently not "involved" with anyone (male or female) on Regina. Enjoys the theatre and the "finer" things in life. Has accompanied Mercer Black to several Regina Opera Society functions, and has worked for him on a number of occasions. It was a job acting as his go-between and representative on a little trip that has resulted in some rather serious life-changes for Samantha. A painting belonging to Black went missing en route to Regina. The ship carrying it crashed on an interdicted, backward world known as Planet X (never say the census boys don't have a sense of humor), and Black wanted it back. Sam was to go along to keep the muscle, etc. "honest", and make sure the painting, once recovered, did in fact get back to Regina and Mr. Black. Easy, right?

Wrong! Planet X was full of surprises, the painting was a bitch to recover, and - numerous ship/zeppelin wrecks later - Sam met up with Count Franz von Hollenstein. A noble and a gentleman in every sense of the words, Franz has turned Sam's world view upside down. The painting has been sent home to Black, but (after much mayhem) Samantha has stayed behind on Planet X, as Franz's fiancée. No one is more surprised than her. Franz is unaware of her off-world origins, or her (to put it mildly) checkered past; he is aware that she was married and widowed, and that there are things in her past that he doesn't know, but he has told her repeatedly that he doesn't care, as he already knows everything he needs to: he loves her.

Personal background:

A fairly average person, Samantha was married young to Patrick Telford. He was charming, successful, intelligent, kind, and a perfect gentleman. At least, that's who he was in public. Behind closed doors, Patrick turned out to be a secret addict, a liar, a manipulator, and an abuser. Yet he succeeded in life and business. One day, during an argument, while he was abusing Samantha, something finally snapped in her and she killed him. It's like the fear just went away. She was very calm as she killed him. Afterward she felt nothing for this bastard. And she had lived with a lying so-and-so - she knew what to say to the police, and that she would get away with it. "A terrible accident" they say.

Only someone knew the truth, a witness. It wasn't an accident, or even self defense. It was murder. He was a scum bag who decided that Samantha would become his "friend" as the price of his silence. She knew how this game was played, and she had learned to be patient, thanks to her late husband. Sex was just another tool to get what you want, one that is very effective in manipulating men. She arranged the perfect time and place, he suspected nothing, and she killed him and disposed of the body. He was a minor criminal working for a 'family'. She approached them to take his place. She was cool, detached, intelligent and ruthless. She would do well. Assassination was an obvious draw; it's straightforward.

Sam never trusts anyone. People always lie and are out for their own interest. She is always trying to figure out what the other person is after. Sex is a tool. It is a way to manipulate someone. The only one she can rely on is herself.

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