Norris Aledon, Duke of Regina killed in "accidental" nuke downport
at the residence of Mercer Black (Director of Regina Security)

Frederick Aledon, becomes Duke of Regina

6th Frontier War – Regina heavily damaged, Zhodani occupation for several months.

Ceasefire declared. Neutral zone declared off limits, particularly to capitol class ships. Regina in neutral zone

Refugee camps on Regina down.

Formation of an Anti-piracy league in the Neutral Zone

Joseph Maceniel (aka Mac), begins sharing power with half-brother Frederick, Duke of Regina

Confederation of Neutral Zone Planets proposed by Mac

Mac invites Zhodani to Regina

Zhodani adepts killed by Sengi, during the "Night of the Long Knives"

Corina LIng-Raleigh, appointed Regent, to Freddie's kids.

Mac triggers ancient artifact and tidal wave downport. Refugees wiped out.

Mac killed (or ascended) in Aguilon Park

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Auto wreck of Regent Ling-Raleigh and Freddie Jr.; Freddie Jr. killed

Rise of Regina Independence movement

Treaty ending 6th Frontier war. "Reunification of neutral zone" with prewar borders. (48/1122)

Duel between Corina Ling Raleigh and Mercer Black. Corina missing. Birth of "Red shirts". (74/1122)

Military government on Regina (Viktor Androchev, and John Collingwood)

Regina Senate corruption hearings. (84/1122)

Military coup, Gen. Ramirez takes power. Most all Regina Senators shot.

Corina returns to Regina. Marries Jack Armstrong. Collingwood dies. ( 99/1122)

Corina elevated to Duchess by Archduke Astridi. (159/1122)

Ling vs Naasirka MegaCorp conflict expands to Regina space. Ship shouldering.

Planetary conflict with mercs. Uncle Ling dies.

Military junta shot. Jack Armstrong and Ghaer Raller sent downport to "restore order".

Solomani attempt to disperse engineered bioplague.

Up Port renovations: air filters, levels 1 & 2 water pipes, park landscaping, hull re-lamination.

New government established.

Elections (300/1122)