An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought.
- Simon Cameron

Regina is currently governed by an impersonal bureaucracy and a controversial Imperial Duchess. Within the past year, the planet has been politically transformed by the succession of: a regent, two military governors, a coup which installed a junta and assassinated the Regina Senate members, the elevation of the current Imperial Duchess, and another coup at her direction that got rid of the junta members. A new constitution is currently being written which will reconstitute a newly elected planetary Senate.

Elections for those Senate positions will be held on 300/1122. The Regina Senate is comprised of three segments of seats. The first block is selected by electors, and is normally controlled by the nobility and megacorporations. The second block is selected by a lottery of all citizens, and is considered a civic duty. The new constitution now allows the selection of a third block of seats by popular vote. This is widening the venue of those smoke filled back rooms to include the entire planet.