Regina Press and Newsfaxes
Read all about what happening on you favorite trading port. Publications for ever interest and appealing to every sense of taste.
Democracia The mouthpiece of Corina Armstrong, Duchess of Regina. Corina speaks to her beloved 'red shirts'. Also, the engrossing interviews of Barry Boone as he speaks with some of the Spinward Marches most notable citizens and visitors.
Free Thoughts For Those Who Dare to Seek the Truth. The material 'Conspiracy Monthly' was afraid to print. Learn the Real goings on of the shadow government that really runs everything.
Le Mercenaire What's Happening in the World of Professional Adventurers. Col. Mike Hoare and his reporters let's his fellow mercs what going on in the world of war for hire. Stories, weapons test, reviews.
The Tattler All the Sleaze That's Fit to Print, and the Other Stuff Too. The highest circulation periodical on Regina. Inludes the page 2 sophont.
The Regina Times Regina's Oldest Periodical. The 'Grey Lady' maintains it place as Reginas premier 'real' news sorce.