This is the 'word on the street'. Characters must have at least Streetwise-1 to be aware of these rumours.


Rumors are circulating that a suit named Edvard Sturvigant is stirring things up and tossing large sums of money around looking for some 'valuable lost property'. Sturvigant has been linked to interim Jenghe governor Hunter Banks, who has links to Regina's most famous bug collector Osbourne Banks, Minister of Justice.


Rumors continue to swirl about the death of the late Duchess Saron Aledon. Supposedly, documents stolen from now closed Solomani consulate indicate possible Imperial or MegaCorporation involvement.

A new rum or has emerged the the shadowy Blanc, Noir et Cie has ties to a powerful figure in Regina politics. The most likely candidate is the New Duchess herself, who is consolidating her economic power over Regina despite the wishes of notorius string-puller Mercer Black. Speculation is the BNC has some hold over the notoriusly slippery head of Regina security.

Rumors continue about the whereabouts of Ling Standard senior executive Ming-Na Ling. While the MegaCorp continues to to publish reports of Ming-Na's various buisness dealing, word is that they are continuing a very secret and panicked search for her.


The word on the street is that Laughing Cadaver owner "Shiv", unable to raise money to fund a rebuild the bar, has had to go hat in hand to none other than reputed Regina puppetmaster Mercer Black. After an evening chat lasting 6 hours, the diminuitive publican was seen leaving the swank level 2 apartment of Regina most notable 'art collector', reportedly looking a little rumpled. The following morning, Hyper-capitalist holding company Blanc, Noir et Cie ponied up a high six-figure sum to finance operations.

Rumor has it that with Black's sister in the Happy home, the bachelor director of Regina Security has been casting about for a replacement and may have selected the waifish barkeep as his next 'companion'.


Rumors are circulating in the underworld about the source of the fire thar gutted the infamous Laughing Cadaver. Leaks from Starport Authority indicate that the police are searching for Solomani mercenary Nicolai Volkov in connection to the fire. Word is that bar owner Shiv is also hunting the merc for some strenous questioning of her own.

Rumors continue to circulate about the upcoming Frenzie/Regina GravBall finals. Former GravBall great Krag Kiron has been spotted on planet, and the word is that he is coming out of retirement to play again -- no word on what team. Gerhardt Stern has continued to tout his team's invincibility, and with the loss of one of the Rottwieler's key players, odds are now 5 to 2 against Regina.

There continue to be reports of serious cases of the Regina Grippe. Many on the street are now linking this particularly form of the annual flu with the new air filters.


It is rumored that Victoria Aledon, daughter of the late Duke, has returned to Regina after supposedly being moved to the Rim.

Mercer Black, the latest target of the Collingwood anti-corruption campaign, is rumored to be planning a major attack on the new governor.

Demonstrations and passive resistance continue as IRS investigation of Corina Ling-Raleigh's fund chokes off assistance money earmarked for the planet's poor and lower class. It is rumored that the government plans to deploy troops in the streets if the demonstrations continue.


As Imperial resources and personnel continue to arrive on Regina, a new rumor has arisen that a new Duke or Duchess has been selected for the now Imperial planet.

Regina Security is putting on the heat, making life difficult for the dirty underside of society. It is rumored that the director has lost some valuable personal property and means to get it back no matter who gets hurt.

There is also a new rumor that a nasty little secret about Corina is about to be made public, and she is fortifying her position by currying favor with Gerhardt Stern, have thrown over beau Dirk Savage when he was no longer of any use to her.


Despite the ruling that the events at the SuSAG starport facility were an industrial accident, rumors persist of a surviving witness who saw several armed individuals force their way into the complex minutes before the 'accident'. Police refuse to comment..


Amongst patrons of the bar Discarding Sabot, there is a rumor lounge singer/handyman Irving Graham Bell, a Pikhan, is involved in a secret, torrid affair with his often co-performer, human volcalist Shelly.


Spacers are reporting a rumor that the Imperium has moved a unit of it Sengi ally's crack infantry from their base near Farreach to a staging area near Regina but within Imperial space.


Police have annouced that so far they have been unable to identify the bullet found in murdered Solomain diplomat Robert Chung, but rumor is that it was a 1.8mm gauss round, a caliber common in the Rim.. Chung was found stabbed to death. His Rim soft body armor failed because he was hit in his open fly by a piece of rusty (but sharp) Regina re-bar and bled out.


Street people and marginal citizens are rumored to be receiving special treatment by the Regina police. Fewer indigents and similar lowlifes are lately to be seen in the upper levels of the starport. The rumor is that the Regina police, under pressure from the Imperial advance team, are moving local undesirables into old port prior to the arrival of the Zhodani and Imperial delegations.


The ghost in the park. There have been several 'supposed' sightings of an ethereal woman wandering Aguilon Park during night phase. She is described as tall, pale, blond and strikingly beautiful. Some witnesses claim that she had blood spatters on here body. Others claim that she is seized by faceless shadows and pulled back to the other side.

Common thought among the park inhabitants is that it is the ghost of Saron Aledon, who is searching for the killer of her son. Sometimes the wailings of her grief can be heard.


As the first dischargees from the recent Imperial Forces RIF reach Regina and other Spinward systems, one thing has become clear--The Imperium is not discharging it's best and brightest. There has been an increase in reported crime on Regina, and Police are blaming it on the huge influx of ex-military personnel. Further, there have been unconfirmed reports that a large number of the dischargees are actually former Imperial military prisoners.

According to these rumors, Admiral Cinnamon Burkette, Adjudant General for the 10 military district (Deneb), offered to commute the sentences of any military prisoner provided they left the Imperium. The Imperial Military has estimated that it spends three times more for the upkeep of military prisoners than it does on active duty personell. If this story is true, it would mean that the budget cuts would have little effect on operational activity of the Imperial Navy and Army.

At the same time, Arch-Duke Astridi's policies could be blamed for releasing thousands of criminal from Imperial custody.


As part of a massive debt restructuring, and to make funds available for civilian projects, The office of the Arch-Duke has announced a cutback in the military budget. Already, the effects are apparent as the Navy has begun a reduction in force, discharging some 100,000 spacehands from the Spinwards Fleets.

Rumors are circulating that Arch-Duke Paolo Astridi and member of the civilian court are seeking to weaken the Navy to insure that the more belligerent Admirals are not tempted to reignite the conflict that created the neutral zone, while at the same time pouring money into public projects to bolster his image among the general public.

Sources suggest that the senior naval commander, Grand Admiral Wiliam Grey, is using the RIF to purge the navy of 'unreliable' elements. Further, the flood of discharges is expected to have a negative impact on the economy of the Spinward Marches, as thousands of unemployed spacers return home, undermining any effects of the Arch-Duke's projects.

Since most of the reclaimed money is expected to be spent in the sectors around Deneb while the bulk of the RIFs are to be along the neutral zone, it is likely to cause a political rift between the Spinward Marches and the rest of the Domain of Deneb.


Rumors continue to circulate regarding the recent deaths of members of the Aledon family. Several sources have suggested links to Corina Ling-Raleigh , who is widely believed to be making a grab for control of Regina.

The only remaining member of the Aledon family, 10 year old Victoria, is rumored to be missing. Some sources suggest that she has sought asylum from the Solomani Consul, Christopher Blaelok.

It is further rumored that the girl is being sought by Regina Security. If she has gained the protection of the Solomani, this would mark the third time that operations conducted by Regina Security were undermined by the Solomani Consul. Employees at the grey building on 13 rue Madeleine are said to be feeling the wrath of their temperamental Director, Mercer Black.

The Solomani mission has remained silent, issuing a terse "no comment", but reliable sources report that a Vargr believed to be Ghaer Raller and an unidentified male human snatched the young girl from the ducal palace and delivered her Solomani Consulate.


Despite security measures, the rumor mill is reporting that person or persons unknown have gained access to the wreckage of the sports car owned by Corina Ling-Raleigh, and in which she was injured and her passenger, 12 year old Frederick William Aledon was killed.

Rumors vary that the wreck was tampered with, evidence changed or removed, or that the 'black box' data recorder is missing. The car, and Alfrero Spider, is normally equipped with a black box which records information such as speed, braking, steering, etc. and was expected to provide insight into the cause of the tragic crash. Police are not commenting on the rumor.


Rumors about goings-on at the Solomani Consulate continue with the arrival of additional personnel from the Rim. It is now believed that the Consulate houses at least 40-50 persons, making it the largest off-world mission on Regina Up. The consulate has also purchased a 5,000 acre estate in a remote area of Regina down.


There are conflicting rumors regarding the future of the ducal family on Regina. Various sources have suggested that either the Duchess will abdicate and take up a simpler life in the Imperium or that she intends to succeed her late husband.

Other elements are believed to be maneuvering to become the next ruling head of Regina, not least being Corina Ling-Raleigh of Ling Standard, LIC., who is still recovering from the auto accident that killed young Frederick William.

Conspiracy buff have noted of the accident, that while the young Frederick wore only a simple belt, Ling-Raleigh had a racing style 4-point harness that provided significantly more protection. The main impact in the collision was also on the boy's side of the automobile.

Others have suggested that the intent was to kill both Corina and Frederick William, making way for at bid for the ducal seat by some as of yet unknown person.


Once again the legend of the curse on the ruling house of Regina has surfaced. The deaths of Frederick Aledon and his son Frederick William are now the 12th and 13th consecutive Dukes or Duchesses to die unnatural or early deaths. Local lore suggests the curse originates from Duchess Saron Aledon, who during a military action ordered the destruction of the ancient Barantin Monastery, being used as a camp by anti-Imperium rebels.

The Duchess was killed in a freak accident when a rocket fired at the monastery deflected of a wall and shot back at the Duchess, decapitating her. The Ranking military officer at the scene also died that evening. While dining in the ruins with his officers, he choked to death on a piece of food.

Since that day, every Duke or Duchess of Regina has met with an untimely end.


Unconfirmed sources have suggested the elements of the new consular staff of the Solomani mission are former or active members of the Elite Solomani Condor Legion. The Condor legion has been linked by some to the enigmatic and powerfull Solomani security agency SolSec. Various reports about the paramilitary Condor legion include rumors of eugenic selections and biogenetic modification.


A large, oddly marked Vargr, former Imperial Marine Commando, who has been on retainer at the Palladium Group since just before the disappearence of Griffin's assumed to be late partners. Raller's family include an Arcadian officer commanding an elite trouble shooting regiment, another uncle reputed to be an ex-scout turned pilot of fortune, and a brother working for the Ling Standard "External Security" forces on the Neutral Zone Border. Raller has been connected with the late brother of the duke and his death. Recently restored Regina Police camera footage shows Raller in the park on the grassy knoll seconds before Joseph Maceneil was killed.


The producers of the Dick Salamander movies have bought the rights to the Major Case Squad. Dirk Savage, the original Dick Salamander has been named as the lead playing the part of Inspector Globber by some sources. This follows a resurgence in violent (gritty to serio-comic) Tri-Ds and flats set in Regina or Regina-like settings.


Police report that a small group of people attempted to break into the Ducal burial grounds. Although none of the group were actually captured, the police disclosed that they were all apparently wearing dark robes. A confidential source described the robes as having some sort of runic design embossed on them and possibly some sort of stealth characteristics. Commissioner Globber did not comment saying that the attempted break-in is still under investigation.


Unconfirmed sources have suggested the elements of the new consular staff of the Solomani mission are former or active members of the Elite Solomani Condor Legion. The Condor legion has been linked by some to the enigmatic and powerfull Solomani security agency SolSec. Various reports about the paramilitary Condor legion include rumors of eugenic selections and biogenetic modification.


A rumor about psionics and the secretive Palladium Group has resurfaced. A reprint of a Tattler article penned by the late ex-Duke Maceniel published in the virulent anti-psionic Free Thoughts magazine.

The expose in the Regina Tattler described the use of psionics in the Imperium and specifically on Regina. This was shortly after the Sengi slaughtered the Zhodani on Regina. In the article Maceniel did not mention any specific names of companies or persons but did describe the Palladium Group.

An editorial in Free Thoughts claimed the existence of a special section of Solomani Security (SolSec) dedicated to psionic and anti-psionic activity. This unit supposedly operates under the classified title "Palladium Section". The editor, Aiden Postel, tragically succumbed to a long term illness, which his magazine immediately blamed on 'dark elements' of the Palladium Group. The Regina Based Palladium Group offered no comment, however, it quietly filed a 10 MCr libel suit against Free Thoughts magazine.


There are consistent rumors regarding Pikhan/alien encounters that have gotten out of hand. Several conservative groups have gone so far as to call for Red-Zoning of Pikhandaru.

As usual, the Pikhans themselves have shown very little interest in politics, which they consider inefficient and a waste of time.

It is rumored that one of the MegaCorps is pushing for a Pikhan 'Protectorate' to be established, and that this is indeed likely.


The word on the street is that the recent death of shadowy figure Christopher Blaelok was the result of an internal power struggle within Palladium Group, a mysterious organization with links to various intelligence agencies, criminal and other oganizations.

Partner Nathan Andrews had been previously ousted. This leaves Michael Griffin in sole control of the enigmatic organization.

Blaelok's body has not been found, but observers note that Mr. Griffin has been seen in the company of a woman known only as Natasha and who is generally believed to have been Blaelok's mistress.