The Reginal Orbital Facility

The Regina Orbital Facility has all the ammenities required of any visitor without the need to go dirtside. For a sample of what's available, see the following areas:

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Regina Orbital Station, also know as Up Port or Regina Up, is the principle starport facility serving the Regina system. The current starport was completed in 1053 and is the 5th orbital facility to serve the Regina system.

Construction of the current station was begun in late 899 by the Blauvelt MacroEngineering Company. In 914 Imperial auditors investigating cost overruns, discovered mass corruption including kick-backs, use of non-spec and inferior materials and bribery. Blauvelt was removed as the primary contractor with the station less than half completed, and replaced by a consortium known as the Regina Starport Project. Armed with good intentions, this collection of shipping companies, merchants and local construction companies tried to complete the much needed starport. Unfortunately, the comittee style leadership led to personality conflicts, and several major funders of the project withdrew. The Regina Starport Project was dissolved in 928 due to lack of funds, leaving a still uncompleted starport.

At this point the Imperial Navy entered the picture. New facilities were required in the subsector, and the corp of engineers hoped to leverage the existing starport construction in order to build a Navy certified port. Construction began in 935, first rebuilding and redesigning the existing structure, then adding the new facilities the navy required. The resulting port facility was adaquate for naval requirements, but hardly suitable for commercial use.

After being severely damaged in the Fifth Frontier war, the mostly completed port was to be retired, and a brand new modern port built. The older port was used as a staging area to build the new port, and as a temporary facility during construction of the new facility. By the time the new port was completed, in 1076, however, the old port was fully occupied with businesses and workers, and all availeable space on the new port was already rented. Plans to scap the old port were abandoned, and the ad hoc connection bridges between old and new port were reinforced and expanded.

This convoluted history of construction has led to an unusual facility. The main facility, new port, is comparable to any modern orbital facility. Attached to this is the smaller old port, the remnants of the original station. It is more spartan, older and has many non-standard facilities. Connecting the old and new port are two main tunnels and an area known as the warrens. The warrens were created by years of planned and unplanned construction resulting in a vast mazelike area between the two stations. No plans of this area exist, and it is primarily inhabited by gangs and other marginal citizens.

The vast majority of station workers live in new port. As is traditional, the deck or level farthest from the reactor is level 1 and houses the powerful and well-to-do. Beneath that is level 2, also known as the park level, since about 30% of this level is covered by a nature area, Aguilon Park. Levels continue to 16, levels 17 through 19 are machinery levels and 20 is the reactor boom. Each inhabited level is divided into residential, commercial and industrial areas. There are no industrial sectors above level 5. Levels 17 through 20 are technically uninhabited, although there continue to be reports of strange creatures down by the old reactor.

Navigating through the starport is accomplished via an address system based on level, ring and section. Aside from having 20 'levels' (which may have one or more floors), the starport is divided into concentric rings that are assigned different colors. Each level is also divided into arcs radiating outward from the core. These wedges are assignes numbers from 1-50. The actual address is appended to the sector number. Hence and address in the starport will be something like Level 2 Blue 3720 which indicates level 2, Blue ring sector 37 number 20. It should be noted that not all levels have all the rings or sectors available. The old port has an even more byzantine addressing system bases on strret and sector names.

Most non-residents staying on the starport will be found in a area known as the transient sector, but usually referred to as the starport mall. This is the area where liners and small commercial ships dock, and has a wide variety of goods and services available to the visitor. Because of the highly transient population in the mall, made up of spacers, mercenaries, adventurers and the like, it is considered the most interesting part of Regina Up.