Grenades and Explosives

Grenades are normally of two types (excluding special purpose grenades):

  1. Offensive Grenades-The primary effect is blast with little or no fragmentation
  2. Defensive Grenades-These are designed to be used from cover and combine blast and fragmentation.

Grenades are assigned a number of die damage. The referee should determine how much damage is from fragmentation, and how much from blast (most is typically from framents). Different colored die should be used to distinguish the type of damage.

Example: The standard polyvalent grenade is 3/5. That is, 3 die damage from blast, 5 die damage from fragmentation.

Note that blast effect are more limited in range than fragments, thus damage will also be effected by the proximity of the grenade to the target. Targets in the primary effect zone of the grenade (typically 5 meters) will suffer damage from both blast and fragmentation. Target in the secondary effect zone (5-15 meters) will suffer only fragmentation effects.

a roll of 8+ indicates the target is in the secondary zone of the grenade
a roll of 10+ indicates the target is in the primary zone of the grenade (and in deep trouble).

Note: Blast only grenades will have little effect on personnel in Combat Armor or Battle Dress.

Grenades detonate at the end of the turn, after all other action has been resolved.