Advanced Medical Rules for Traveller

Traveller provides for the skill medical. However, except for the notation that a character who has medical 3 is a doctor, little is given the details of using medical technology within the game. This is proposed system for implementing advanced medical rules within classic Traveller. As with all the rules posted on this site, referees should feel free to modify the rules for their own parrticular game.

The basic rule:

A medic/doctor may heal damage equal to 2d6-7+ medical. Negative numbers imply no effect , a medic/doctor can always heal at least one point (assuming medical supplies are available) except in the case of a medical mishap. A roll of 2 on 1d6 indicates a medical mishap (malpractice?) and the doctor does 1d6-medical skill of damage (a good doctor can minimize medical mishaps). Note, the doctor can only heal points equivalent to the available medical supplies (usually a medkit). Also, a doctor can only treat an injury once per day.

Referees may wish to adjust the healing rate based on tech level. For example 2d6-15+TL+medical. Higher tech medicine can seem like magic, while at low tech, the physician can do little besides provide comfort and hope for the best.


Rate Points Notes
Base 1/day Character has sufficient food, water and shelter, and engages only in non-strenuous activities.
Resting 2/day As above, and the character engages in no physical activity.
Doctor 3/day As above, with medical support (med-2) present and at least basic medical supplies.


The medkit is the basic tool for the medic/doctor. Generally they are described by size and points:

Type Points Wt (kg) Cost
Small 10 1 200
Medium 25 3 400
Large 50 10 600
Surgical Pack 75 20 1000


Aside from the basic medkit, the medic/doctor (or any other character) has a variety of drugs available. These range from theraputic to performance enhancing to recreational: Of particular note is the drug ReGen. Appearing first at TL , this drug has the ability to signifigantly accelerate healing. At higher TL , more effective versions (ReGen II, ReGen III, etc.) are introduced. ReGen Plus can regenerate lost limbs, organs etc. In general, ReGen should/must only be administered by someone with medical skill.

Drug TL Base Cost Duration Dose Time Primary Effect Secondary Effect Negative Reaction Available
ReGen I 9 200 Perm 12 rrs Heals 1d6 x2 rations Fatigue -3 END 7+
ReGen II 11 400 Perm 24 hrs Heals 2d6 Unconcious 1d6x10 min, x2 rations for 2 days As above plus coordination loss -3 Dex 8+
ReGen III 12 750 Perm 48 hrs Heals 3d6 Unconcious 2d6 hrs, x2 rations for days as above + 1d6 point damage 9+
ReGen IV 13 1200 Perm 72 hrs Heals 4d6
Hospital/Autodoc use only
Unconscious 2 hrs per point healed. Requires special diet and rest. Convulsions,cardiac arrest, death on 8+ (2d6) 10+
ReGen Plus 14 10000 Perm 1 Month Regenerates lost/damaged limb or organ (except brain) GM's discretion Tissue autolysis, death 11+
Neural Stasis 12 5000 12 hrs 1 year Preserves nervous tissue of recently dead patient (i.e brain) -1 to INT and EDU per hour in transit to hospital. Sever brain damage if revived, death 9+
Tranq 6 50 1 hr/cc 1 hr Patient unconscious +2 to healing rate while traqed Convulsions, respiritory arrest, death (11+) 4+
AnaRad (NoGlo) 8 1200 Perm 24 hrs Heals radiation damage 1 dose per level of exposure. Fatigue, coordination loss, -2 to END and DEX for 1 day per dose admin. Hair loss, diarhea, vsion and hearing loss for 2d6 hrs. 7+
Stim 6 50 30 Min 4 hrs Revives unconsious patient Coordination loss, -2 DEX for duration Irritability, berserker rage, cardiac arrest, death (11+) 4+
Speed 9 1000 10 Min 12 hrs Doubles speed, treat as evading,2 actions per turn Coordination loss -2 DEX,fatigue damage (1d6 vs. END) Convulsions 8+
Burn Foam 8 150 24 hrs 24 hrs Heals 1d6 burn damage Extinuishes WP and napalm Scarring 6+
STR Boost 9 1200 30 min 24 hrs +8 to STR x2 rations for 1 day Muscle spasms, -5 to DEX for 24 hrs 8+
Combat 9 1000 60 Min 24 hrs +2 to STR and END 1d6 hits after drug wears off Severe joint and muscle pain 8+
UWD (Ultimate War Drug) 12 5000 60 Min 48 hrs +5 STR, +3 END,x2 Speed,Shield, 2 stats to 0 before unconscious 2d6 hits after drug wears off, x2 rations for 1 day. Berserker rage, permanent -1 to STR, DEX or END 10+
BioStasis 10 1500 4 hrs/cc none Patients bio rates at 1/10th normal baseline Food, water and other requirements reduced 90% Respiratory arrest 11+, renal/hepatic failure 10+ 8+
Sense Enhancer 11 150 1d6 hrs 24 hrs Amplifies all senses Light, sound and other sensations can be harmful Sensory damage 7+
Sense Boost 11 50 2d6 hrs 24 hrs Amplifies a specific sense as above as above 6+
Frenzy 7 25 30 min n/a +10 STR, +5 END, x2 speed,shield, 3 stats to 0 before unconsious Death n/a 11+
ChemShield 11 250 4 hrs 12 hrs Shield user from psionics disorientation, hallucinations Severe hallucinations, dementia 10+
PainKill 8 50 60 Min 60 Min General analgesic none none 6+
Panomycin 8 100 7 days 7days Broad-band antibiotic (pan-species) none opportunistic infections 7+
KillAlc 8 50 Spec. Spec 1 dose nullifies 1oz. of Alcohol Heartburn Ulceration (12+) 8+
PsycoMim 9 150 60 Min 12 hrs Mimics specific emotion (fear, anger, lust, ennui, etc.) none Addiction 8+
EndorFunz 9 20 1d6 hrs none Mild euphoric Listlessness, apathy Psycological addiction 5+

Drug Common name of the drug.
TL Tech level where the drug first becomes available.
Base Cost The unmodified cost of the dug. Other factors may raise or lower the common price (TL, Law level, etc.)
Effect Lasts The duration of the drug's effect. Dose Time The required interval between administrations of doses of the drug. Using a drug again without allowing for the full interval increases the chance of a negative reaction.
Primary Effects Self explanatory.
Secondary Effects Self explanatory.
Negative Reaction Rolls 2d6 whenever a drug is used. A result of 2 indicates a negative reaction to the drug has occurred. Die rolls may be modified by ouside factors (see above).
Availability The general availability of a given drug (on 2d6). Availability is modified by TL, Law Level, Streetwise and other skills.