Imperial Scum

The Lower Class

Classic Traveller included provisions for noble rank as a character attribute, however no real mention of the lower classes was made. What is it that makes someone a member of the lower class? The table below represents some possibilities.

The GM may allow the player to choose from below, or a 1d6 roll can be made to determine the cause.

Low Social Standing and its Effects

SOC Financial Family Crime Grace Affliction Politics
5 The character loses all mustering out pay to satisfy debts. The character comes from a low class family. The character had some trouble with the law as a youth. They may have trouble with background checks The character has poor social graces, and may embarass themself in social situations. The character has some minor mania or addiction that sometimes interferes with their life. The character holds unpopular political views that offend some people.
4 As above, but the character still owes 2d6 x Cr1,000 The character is from an unpopular race or ethnic backgound. Was convicted of a crime in the past which continues to haunt them. The character is hopelessly inept in social situations and will be the butt of jokes. As above but the character has a major mania or addiction that is well known and talked about. The character hold very unpopular political views that offend and disgust people.
3 As above, but the character owes 2d6 x Cr10,000 and is hounded by creditors. The character if from a hated race or ethnic background. The character was convicted of a major crime and served prison time As above, but the character has a knack for social faux pas and will offend others with their courseness and lack of grace The character has a major mania or addiction that is known. They try to invole others in this same affliction. As above and the character belongs to a political group that is being investigated. The character may be harasses by the authorities
2 As above, but the character owes 3d6 x Cr10,000 to loan sharks. The character is the child of a notrious criminal convited of a heinous act. The character was convicted and served time for a notorous crime and will be recognized by many people. Silverware? What's that? The character is so socially obnoxious they cannot help but offend others to the point they are enraged. As above, but the character has a serious mania or addiction that has destroyed their life. Living in squalor, they are held up as a bad example. As above, but the character is an official in a political organization that is banned. The character and their associates will be harrassed by the authorites.
1 As above, but the character has defaulted on payment of a 1d6 x Cr100,000 loan to organized crime. There is a bounty out on the character for 10% of the amount owed. The character is the child of an Imperial traitor and be recognized wherever they go. They will be shunned socially. The character is being actively hunted by law enforcement for a crime they committed. They may have escaped from prison. Their face appears on wanted posters. The character has such odious habits that everyone will be offended and will shun the character. Better go live in a cave. The character has an odious addiction that rules their life. Who cares about social standing? The character is sought by law enforcement for their political activities. Viva la revolucion!