The poxyquotl are an otter based race, having a height of approximately 6.5' to 7', a thin build and short arms. They may have dexterities up to level "H". The poxyquotl have no concept of social standing; they will assume whatever level of social standing they feel like in human society, and may change frequently. The dominant psychological drive among this race is the desire to "have fun". The poxyquotls have a relatively short attention span and cannot stand either officiousness or red tape; this frequently limits their level of formal education. Although this race is primarily non-violent, they will defend themselves. Although they are omniores, their preferred diet consists primarily of crustaceans, fish and vegetables (listed in order of preference). Most poxyquotl travelling in Imperial space will carry their own table service consisting of rubberized dinnerware and pocket rocks (this not only cuts down on the host's breakage rate, but does a better job on the food as far as the poxyquotl are concerned). Poxyquotl are very individualistic and don't generally cooperate well with others outside their families; although they may travel together for convenience. They also don't relate well to monetary pursuits (earning money is boring); but they do understand money and how to spend it (that's fun). There are very few poxyquotls travelling in Imperial space, for reasons that will become obvious. Their homeworld is under the protection of the Imperial Scout Service. Travel onto and off this world is strictly controlled by the planetary governement and ISS.

It is an integral part of their philosophy as a race that "rules are made to be broken". They are great practical jokers; and they love all forms of entertainment and humor. They are especially fond of puns and slapstick videos which they consider to be the purest form of humor, although they do respect a good standup comic. They are in fact, geniuses when it comes to humor; they are to fun, what martels are to money. Many poxyquotl designed entertainments are widely marketed throughout human space. The poxyquotl also have designed large amusement and theme parks which are famous throughout space. These amusements and parks generate so much income for the poxyquotl that when an individual is allowed to leave the home world to travel, he will have an adequite source of funds; and the Imperial merchants will have a guarantee of repayment for any breakage that ensues. Because most humans have been exposed to poxyquotl entertainments at an early age, the race is widely beloved. The fact tht they are free spenders and have a trust fund that always pays their bills also doesn't hurt their popularity. Given their rather unusual attitude toward practical jokes and authority it is probably not surprising that they frequently run into trouble off their home world; an understanding has been reached with the Imperium that generally mandates that the offending poxyquotl will be deported to his home world if caught. Diplomatic passports are also frequently used if the poxyquotl is travelling beyond Imperial space, to protect the poxyquotls should they inadvertently offend a planetary government.

There is only one recorded case of a death being directly caused by a poxyquotl. That is the case of the religious leader, Reverend Lothar the Beautific, known to the poxyquotl as Lothar the Vulgar. Rev. Lothar died shortly after issuing an exhortation to declare war on the poxyquotl. He was killed when what was later determined to be a 450 metric ton coconut cream pie was dropped from low orbit and struck his official limosene as he was leaving the Assembly House. The commander of the poxyquotl forces, His Most Excellent Imperialness, The Emperor, Lord Sir Quaggle Whippletrout, Ultra-General Field Marshal of the Poxyquotl Grand Army, Defender of the Faith, and Protector of All Known Space later made the comment that he had no use for either Lothar the Vulgar or coconut custard and found it an eminent solution to take care of both problems.

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